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Let you be unique

Fibers Clothing

Let you be unique


The Mokaite “Capsule Collection” are limited edition creations.
This choice is dictated by the desire to evoke in a certain way the quality of tailoring of the past.
“Places with a retro, elegant and welcoming taste where the garment, undisputed protagonist, dressed in the best fabrics”.
For the Mokaite’s sawing project, those fabrics are pure linen that evoke distant civilizations, fabrics made of vegetable fibres and organic cotton threads.
This is how our philosophy of wearing wellbeing is born. Connected to the nature, beauty, comfort, quality but also to a woman who loves herself and to that touch of elegance in everyday life. Travel through modernity and progress with an eye on the environment and eco-sustainability without giving up its femininity.

Mokaite is

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Why Mokaite

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100% Made in Italy

It means giving the right value to our land, believing and contributing to our economy through the concrete development of Italian talent in the fashion industry as an art to wear. Supporting our origins by presenting them to the world with consistency, dedication and passion to guarantee the highest quality standard in all the processes of sustainable fashion. The mindful choice of local craftsman and the passion for tailoring has allowed us to create quality garments through care for details, imagination of design and elegance, over timeless time.

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Slow Fashion

The “SLOW FASHION” is our concept of activity based on sustainability and invite to the only desirable path of a future. Sensitivity towards nature, people, animals thanks to the use of natural fibres that has a low environmental impact as well as the choice of a production process that enhance local craftsmen with the unique aim of obtaining a controlled and certified product. Let you be uniqe! This is how our creations are born from valuable yarns, durable over time and timeless in style, for an authentic look signed Mokaite.

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Linum Usitatissimum
Linen is ancient. Recent research has shown the natural eco-sustainability of this excellent fibre, the low environmental impact, cultivated in the fields it does not require special waste of artificial energies but grows with the natural precipitations dictated by the climate, releases oxygen and absorbs over 250,000 tons of CO2 each year.

A VeRy NobLe FibrE

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