Mokaite is

A unique concept

Revealing passion for natural fibres.
Sensuality, freedom, femininity.

Finely noble fabrics with its antique scent, elegant, pleasant to the touch, they seduce and envelop while enhancing beauty in an intriguing total look. Simple cuts, linear, intentionally neat finishes and seams with natural threads characterise the entire Mokaite Capsule Collection.

WeaR The NaTure

Mokaite is

Authentic spirit

Red, burgundy, desert yellow, white, brown, lilac, purple are the colors of this ancient aboriginal jasper whose legend narrates its alchemical powers.

Mokaite is connection with the earth, energy, stability, willingness and desire of new experiences.

You CaN DrEam

Mokaite is


Mokaite is a minimalist contemporary brand with simple, sensual and enveloping lines.

A faraway journey leading to the encounter with nature at these shiny stems of raffia fibre transformed into fabric.

Linen, organic cotton, hemp re-emerging from the colours of the earth: stones, spices, flowers, timelessly mark the creations for a result that is authentic and meticulous in every detail.

MaDe in ItaLy