Long stems, small sky-blue flowers and pretty round fruits full of tinkling seeds. Linen has very ancient origins, it is a valuable yarn with incomparable creasing and a particularly beautiful appearance.It is a low environmental impact fibre, biodegradable, resistant, breathable, unique and timeless.

Linen… The TinKling oF NatuRe


Hemp is a textile fibre with ancient origins. Hemp fabric is soft to the touch, has a high insulating power and is resistant. Its muffled effect and its thermal power make it comfortable to wear even in the wettest and warmest months, as well as during the summer. It is ecological, antibacterial and biodegradable.

FeeL GooD AbouT HemP


Organic cotton is the ecological alternative to standard cotton. It is obtained from the soft white cotton wool that covers the seeds of the plant. Woven on a loom or jersey, cotton always gives you a feeling of freshness. Ecological, hypoallergenic and permeable, it allows heat to disperse more easily.

OrgaNic CoTTon Loves The EaRth


A vegetable fibre obtained from two species of Boehmeria “nettle”.Fine and lustrous, Ramiè is easy to clean, does not shrink and is resistant to high temperatures. Soft and delicate, it wrinkles easily like silk. Used for thousands of years in the Far East, it is a rare fibre in the fashion industry and is best suited to small-scale garments.

I am VegeTabLe SiLk


It was first introduced in Europe in 1860 at the expositions universelle de Paris. Sustainable for the environment thanks to its natural cultivation, today bamboo fabric is woven as warp and weft in fashion, comparable to cashmere for its extreme softness, it is biodegradable, resistant and breathable. Its fibre contains an anti-microbial bio-agent called “bamboo kun”.

ExoTic InspiRaTions

Washing tips

“We strongly recommend the use of ecological detergents”.

Machine wash

If the garments are not very dirty or stained, the programme to be set will not exceed 30 degrees; even if the linen can withstand much higher temperatures, do not exceed the recommended temperature. By pouring a little bit of bicarbonate together with the liquid ecological detergent the results will be excellent; moreover, to avoid deforming or wrinkling the linen fabrics too much, it is recommended to avoid using the dryer but hang out the garments directly in the sun, if possible.


Those rules should also be observed when washing by hand with warm/hot water and a drop of neutral detergent and bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate, among its many properties, increases the cleaning power of detergents, both by hand and in the washing machine.

Dry cleaning

It is recommended if you want to maintain the appearance of the garment as it was when you bought it.